Monday, 17 March 2014

Port Lincoln joins the consortium

One of South Australia's larger rural cities - Port Lincoln (population 14,000) - joined the One Card consortium, last week, going live on Thursday.  The library celebrated with a morning tea for the community, free book prizes and staff on hand to assist customers using the new system.  They also had the mayor along who made a speech for the event.

The library took the opportunity to issue new library cards, which contains a beautiful image of the bay that Pt Lincoln is situated on.  The photo was taken by the late Councillor and professional photographer Jill Parker. This is the image which is now on the library's Enterprise site - see the link below.

The local newspaper the Port Lincoln Times attended the event & captured a few photos, some of which is shown below.  The Port Lincoln Times has now published a great article about the library joining the One Card network

The Port Lincoln library is based at the site of the local TAFE College. While it was a joint use library for many years, the library has fairly recently changed its arrangements so that it is a public library which supports all in the community but is no longer formally providing services to TAFE. 

The library's Enterprise site uses the Council's blue & yellow colour scheme to good effect and links to so many relevant services, databases and libraries. It also links back to the council's website where the library's e-newsletter is housed.
The local newspaper photographer Laura Cook lining up (from the right)
Library Manager, Louise Mrdjen Mayor Bruce Green,
Deputy CEO Katrina Allen & Manager Community Development Janet Grocke

Sue Heath joins Louise & Bruce to cut the cake

Library staff Helen and Sue showing the new library cards
Most libraries are really fortunate to have dedicated volunteers &
one of Pt Lincoln's great supporters Janet was on hand for the launch.

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