Friday, 29 November 2013

LMS Progress: End of Year 2

The LMS Year 2 rollout has completed with the final library Jamestown going live on 21st November, this has concluded a very ambitious rollout schedule for 2013. Everyone tracks the progress using different parameters, the major one for the LMS project team is databases and setup, 35 this year, if you consider a Production + Test load there were 70 in total.

Highlights this year were the Go Live of 7 sites in April, then 9 in July, while the single implementation of the LINK Libraries (5 library services and 20 sites) went live on the 6th June.





Library Services




Library Sites




Library Databases












Total Estimate



ACTUAL to date





I would like to thank the LMS project team for their dedication to the task and all of the PLS teams who have assisted in many ways, from promotional material, letters of offer, booking accommodation & travel, setting up the network and assisting libraries to the load Workflows application and setup printers, allocating new barcodes for items and ranges for patrons as libraries issued new cards, liaising with libraries during each bib-duplication process and assisting with library staff accessing training venue.

Special thanks to our vendor partners in SirsiDynix and KDN who have helped us achieve a positive outcome.

Lyal Mutton
Manager ICT Services
Public Library Services 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Interesting library approaches from near & far

ALIA publishes a weekly digest for members which among other things provides links to interesting stories about libraries and information about upcoming training etc.  Those of you who are members will be familiar with these updates.  If you're not a member I would encourage you to join your professional association.

There is lots of interesting information to be gleaned from the update, but I was struck by 2 of the this week's links which I would like to share with you.

ALIA has picked up on the Salisbury Library's creatively presented 2011/12 annual report.  Some of us have seen the infographic approach being used but if you haven't its worth taking a look - here. I think this is a really sticking way of presenting lots of information in a simple and compelling way.  I have been thinking about how we may use this approach in reporting some of our State-wide public library statistics.

And not quite so close to home the Toronto Public Library has produced a sensational & quite confronting (for their local council) video in response to proposed savage cuts to their library budget.  Take a look at it here.  The beguiling, seemingly low tech presentation belies what I think is a sophisticated approach to the challenges they face.

If you're interested in getting weekly updates like this, can I again suggest an investment in membership in your professional association?

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Jamestown goes live

On Thursday 21st November 2013, the Jamestown School Community Library went live on the One Card network.

You can view Jamestown's brand new Enterprise page here.

Many t
hanks to Marie Broad, Teacher Librarian for providing the following words and photos from their launch event:

Jamestown School Community Library held the 1LMS launch celebration on Monday evening (25 November).

The Library Board, community members and school staff attended with 3 past librarians highlighting the significant changes that occurred during their time at Jamestown. 

The processes and patterns of change have been very similar to the implementation of the 1LMS. The community had a lot of questions about using the new system and how it would benefit them as users. 

Teacher Librarian, Marie Broad, and Josie Duke, CLA, joined the guest speakers in cutting the cake.

Special thanks must go to the PLS team for their training and support.

Congratulations again Jamestown and welcome aboard!

Jo Freeman
A/Associate Director
Public Library Services

Members of the Jamestown community at the launch

Another photo of the crowd...

Marie Broad (Teacher Librarian), Pat Graham, Rosemary Martin, 
Marie Purdie and Josie Duke (CLA) cutting the cake together.

Marie Broad (Teacher Librarian) and Josie Duke (CLA)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Orroroo goes live

Today we welcome Orroroo to the One Card Network.

You can see their new Enterprise page here.

The Orroroo team has kindly provided the following words and photo below.

Today Orroroo School Community Library softly went live onto the One Card Network.

Congratulations to Jenny, Pauline, Jenny M and Belinda for putting in the effort to prepare the collection and design their Enterprise site (though they are expecting a number of changes to go through over the next few weeks).

New cards have been distributed to the school and community users in anticipation of the new library online environment.

Orroroo Library will be hosting a morning tea in a couple of weeks to launch their new service.

A big thank you to Jo Rivers for getting us to this place!

Congratulations again Orroroo and welcome aboard!

Jo Freeman
A/Associate Director
Public Library Services

The Orroroo team

Friday, 8 November 2013

Decommissioning of P2

I wrote an update last week about the LMS Stage 2 project to replace the P2 software and our plans to develop a new e-procurement solution with SirsiDynix.  Whilst selection and procurement of library materials has been the primary purpose of P2 since its inception, it has also provided the network with a tool for managing inter-library loans and central collections. 

The introduction of the shared library management system has changed the way the network manages these activities, and in some cases has negated the need for this functionality altogether.  For example, now that all South Australian public libraries are able to place customer requests on the One Card system it is no longer necessary to use P2 to place inter-library loan requests.  Non-consortium libraries simply need to login to StaffWeb to view the consortium collection and place holds on behalf of their customers.

Another change currently underway is the mainstreaming of the central print disability collection. This collection has been historically held and managed by PLS with items circulated to libraries on request.  The introduction of One Card means that these items can now be held in libraries across the network and circulated as part of normal consortium sharing. With One Card there is no longer a need to hold a small central collection of audio visual materials because the consortium has thousands of items available to all.

Please note, there will no longer be a requirement to return Print Disability stock to PLS, or debit items from the P2 system.  If your Library has PD items that are no longer required or have damaged or incomplete sets, PLS is happy for this material to be disposed of at your discretion.

These changes provide PLS with an opportunity to decommission specific modules within P2 that are no longer required. This has a cost benefit to the network in that funds are not being spent to maintain software that has little use.

PLS is working to decommission parts of P2 as follows:

Inter-Library Loans
Module will be decommissioned on 1st January 2014 with no further access provided beyond this date.  New inter-library loans have been suspended from 1st November 2013 providing sufficient time for outstanding loans to be resolved.

Print Disability
PLS is working to expend the remaining dollars in the 2013/14 central budget as soon as possible. This is the levy money voted by PLSA for the print disability collection.  As previously reported 2013/14 is the last year that this levy will be applied.  All library profiles for the Print Disability module have been suspended.  Libraries that are not currently using the One Card system and wish to continue to access new print disability collection items will continue to receive items from PLS, as negotiated with each library.

This module is used to remove items from P2.  As P2 is no longer being used as the union catalogue for the SA public library network it is no longer necessary for libraries to update their P2 collection data.  The debits/discard module will be decommissioned on 1 January 2014.

If you have any questions regarding these changes to P2 access or would like to clarify the arrangements for non-consortium libraries in 2014 please contact Tricia Knightly as PLS on (08) 8348 2318 or

Jo Freeman
A/Associate Director
Public Library Services

Peterborough goes live

Yesterday (November 7th) the Peterborough School and Community Library joined the One Card network.  You can view their brand new Enterprise page here.

Many t
hanks to the Peterborough team for preparing the following words about their launch.

Peterborough Hops on Board SA Libraries ‘One Card’ and its Full Steam Ahead
On November 7th 2013, after 2 years of preparation the Peterborough School and Community Library finally went “LIVE” with the new one card library system. Invited guests and community members joined with staff to celebrate this occasion and enjoyed a splendid morning tea, prepared by senior Hospitality students.

Principal Liz Pannell and Deputy Mayor John Sandland spoke briefly and officially launched the One Card system commending the ongoing cooperation between the School and Council to provide a wonderful library service to the Peterborough Community.

Staff are very happy all the preparation paid off and now look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. We thank GOD for the wonderful team at PLS who guided us through the tunnel and into the station at the other end, they are fantastic and we can’t sing their praises highly enough. THANKS!!!!!!!

Here are some of the photos from the launch below.

Congrats again Peterborough and welcome aboard!

Jo Freeman
A/Associate Director

Public Library Services
The project manager and all library staff

One of Peterborough's favourite patrons
 using his card for the first time
Yummy Morning tea

It takes three, talk about service!!!