Friday, 8 November 2013

Peterborough goes live

Yesterday (November 7th) the Peterborough School and Community Library joined the One Card network.  You can view their brand new Enterprise page here.

Many t
hanks to the Peterborough team for preparing the following words about their launch.

Peterborough Hops on Board SA Libraries ‘One Card’ and its Full Steam Ahead
On November 7th 2013, after 2 years of preparation the Peterborough School and Community Library finally went “LIVE” with the new one card library system. Invited guests and community members joined with staff to celebrate this occasion and enjoyed a splendid morning tea, prepared by senior Hospitality students.

Principal Liz Pannell and Deputy Mayor John Sandland spoke briefly and officially launched the One Card system commending the ongoing cooperation between the School and Council to provide a wonderful library service to the Peterborough Community.

Staff are very happy all the preparation paid off and now look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. We thank GOD for the wonderful team at PLS who guided us through the tunnel and into the station at the other end, they are fantastic and we can’t sing their praises highly enough. THANKS!!!!!!!

Here are some of the photos from the launch below.

Congrats again Peterborough and welcome aboard!

Jo Freeman
A/Associate Director

Public Library Services
The project manager and all library staff

One of Peterborough's favourite patrons
 using his card for the first time
Yummy Morning tea

It takes three, talk about service!!!

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