Monday, 24 March 2014

Stats aren't everything, but...

With Port Lincoln joining the consortium last week we've passed the 1M borrower mark.  The exact number is 1,000,690. 
Of course we have quite a few borrowers in the system with more than 1 card, so they're being counted twice or more in this number. It will be interesting to see what the figure will be when the borrower numbers peak before we do some serious de-duplication of customer cards.  Our eventual goal will be 1 borrowing card per person & then we'll have an accurate State-wide count of borrowers - for the 1st time ever. It will be interesting to compare this final number to previous reports of borrower numbers.
Our "item numbers" are accurate & they stand at 3,741,425 items on the database to-date. This is likely to rise to be just over 3.8M items.

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