Thursday, 13 March 2014

One Card Project Milestone

Port Lincoln has joined the consortium this morning.  I will post something about their project soon.  However I thought I'd comment on our progress with the whole project to date, as this "go live" is a bit of a milestone for the project team. 

We started off needing to do 77 database conversions, and with Port Lincoln going live we now have 19 databases left to convert.  While the databases that we've had to work with have been of different size and complexity, on a measure of database conversions we're now 75% of the way through the project.  From my perspective this is a remarkable achievement in less than 2 years & with a very small & hard-working project team. 

However on the basis of population covered or councils using the system the figures are even higher. 

We only have 12 of 68 councils to work with, and for some of them like Naracoorte Lucindale we have already done some of their libraries.  So this metric puts us at over 85% of councils on the system.

And from a population covered perspective we've got well over 95% of the State covered - which is perhaps the best measure of progress from a library & customer perspective.

While it is not obvious from a "who is live" perspective it is also worth noting that libraries who are due to go live right through until May have received their training & are progressing towards their go live date. 

If you're looking for the list of who goes live when you can see it here.

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