Friday, 7 March 2014

Mallala goes live

Apologies to Mallala for the slightly late post regarding your "go live".  You scheduled date was yesterday, but all systems were go on Tuesday.  However I've had my head stuck in Libraries Board reports & other things & missed the opportunity to post about this.

While Mallala is live now, I know that they're holding off on doing their formal launch until the 25th.  I'm looking forward to getting to the event.

In the meantime some may want to check out Mallala's Enterprise site here. It includes a nice welcome message & some succinct instructions about how to use the site.  And they've put up a picture of their new library card, which looks great, along with a bunch of links and the opening hours of their main library and two depots.

I'm also interested to see that they've exploited the option to add more pages onto Enterprise to hold other content.  The small white box at the top left has links to news & events and to Services.  This is a great way to use the Enterprise technology to provide a more comprehensive library "web site."
Update: 25 March
As I mentioned above Mallala decided to wait a few weeks after their "go live" before having a bit of a celebration.  A few of us from PLS went to Mallala on Tuesday afternoon to join the staff, CEO, Mayor, volunteers & community members for a really nice celebration - along with a great cake from the local bakery and champagne.  Below are a few "snaps" taken at the event.

Mayor Richard Kennington making the "opening" speech

Leeanne from PLS along with library manager Anne,
and library staff members Amanda & Di

The cake - with a representation of the rural scene
which is on the library's borrower card

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