Tuesday, 3 July 2012

LMS software updates - SirsiDynix roadshow

Last Friday SirsiDynix held their annual "Roadshow" briefings where staff explain the recent and forthcoming updates to a range of products & any relevant changes in company direction or staffing etc.  It was great to get updates on changes to almost everything in the range.

A couple of points to note were that the planned release of eResource Central is still on track for later this year, and SD is in the process of moving their whole Symphony product into a web based product.  This web based approach will mean that libraries will not need to have a client loaded on their PCs that has to be updated regularly. It also has a range of other benefits.  This process will commence with a rewriting of the cataloguing module and progressively work through all modules over a number of years. 

I noticed that there were a few public libraries at the roadshow who are not current Sirsi-Dynix customers.  They said that while they're not coming into the consortium for over 12 months, they're very keen to begin their product familiarisation now. 

This got me thinking that it was way back in December last year, not long after we signed the contract that I wrote about the range of products that we had purchased.  So for those of you who were not too engaged last year, but are now more interested in the specifics of products, their names and what they do you can check out my 14 December post here.

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