Thursday, 5 July 2012

Port Adelaide Enfield go live

Port Adelaide Enfield - the last of our "pilot sites" is in the process of going live today. This conversion has not been without its minor hiccups! Like Playford, PAE had a key staff member leave during their project.  They were unable to replace this person, so existing staff stepped up to fill the role, including the library manager Bill Roche stepping in as project lead.  Given this minor wrinkle it was agreed to shift the PAE go-live date out from early June to early July.  This allowed the team to get on top of issues and ensure an orderly migration.

The benefits of this approach were felt internally at PAE as well as in the Public Library Services and SirsiDynix project teams.  The results are also seen in the PAE data which includes a significant collection of local history files, digital photos, maps and other unique local content.  Given the effort over the years to create these unique local history files it is important that access to them is maintained through the migration process.  

The records for much of this information are not the prettiest things around, so it will be interesting to see how various libraries use Portfolio (the digital asset management system) to manage and provide access to their digitised photo & other objects collections.  Hopefully this new tool will assist in a more streamlined approach to managing, displaying and discovering digital objects.

The PAE version of Enterprise can be found here. This site has a photo collage of library activities across the top and the library's (rather than the council's) really interesting logo on it.  It  provides a number of direct links into relevant sections of the existing council web site with information about a range of library offerings, details about library locations and opening hours etc.  Like other sites it also provides links to online databases & other key sites as well as promoting access to the mobile phone App for the library catalogue called BookMyne.  

The background colours used by various sites are interesting.  Colour is a very personal thing, so there is no right or wrong, but personally I really like the interesting blue/purple background colour.  I say blue/purple because on my work computer it is quite purple, but on my Mac at home it is more bluish with a hint of purple.

You will notice that we have not merged the PAE catalogue records into the existing catalogue.  I mentioned this in my post of 26 June when talking about the data de-duplication process.  We're doing this to give us a better outcome in the final records that we keep.  This slightly confusing outcome for the customers will last a few weeks, but will then be resolved with a much cleaner set of records than we have now.

One consequence of not merging the records is that the "holds queues" of the various libraries will not automatically flow onto the PAE collection, and likewise the PAE holds queue will not be served by other libraries just yet.  However once the merge takes place we will have an even greater ability to fill customer requests than we do at present.  I will be interested to see the the level of hold fulfilment once we merge the records.  I will say more about this soon.

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