Thursday, 28 June 2012

Playford joins the consortium

Playford has joined the group today.  Their Enterprise site can be found here.  You will note that they have used the panel in the lower middle part of the screen to insert a rolling slide show of pictures taken at various library activities.  I think this is great.  Their photos have been uploaded to Flickr and are being sourced from there.  And being a 2 branch service they've managed to add the opening hours of both branches on the front page.

While it would not be obvious to outside observers Playford's arrival at this point has been a little rocky.  This happened because one of their key staff involved in the project left the organisation at a crucial point in their planning/training/testing.  Hats off to all at Playford who have managed to be resourceful and retrieve the situation and get to this point by their designated date.  It hasn't been easy, but I am sure it was worth perservering to arrive on time.

We will be interested to see the outcome of adding the records of library service number seven to the mix and what this does to the flow it items between libraries.

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