Friday, 15 June 2012

Ongoing demand & success

When the Salisbury data was loaded yesterday the staff ran their "pull list" - i.e. the list of all the items that had holds on them and needed to be pulled off the shelf to fulfil the holds.  The list had 1,300 items on it!!  So some time over the next few days Salisbury will be shipping these items to their new consortium partners. This will test Toll's capacity!

We don't have any figures on how many items will flow from the other 4 libraries to Salisbury, but will keep an eye on it.

Interestingly, Onkaparinga went live on 10 May & Mitcham and Onkaparinga immediately shipped lots of items to each other.  These items would have been checked out to customers some time around the 14th and 15th of May.  Given that most items had 4 week loan periods (which would have expired earlier this week) it is not surprising to see a major reverse migration of items going back to their base libraries.  Yesterday Mitcham received their 1st pallet delivery (see the picture below) and Onkaparinga received their 1st double pallet delivery. 

Mitcham Pallet Delivery
These "pallet deliveries" need to occur outside the normal courier run, so Toll dispatches a truck with the capacity to handle pallets.  However some libraries - including Mitcham - are not equipped to take deliver of pallets, so this one was delivered outside the library and the boxes had to be carted inside individually.  Not ideal, but this is an exception which we don't expect to see repeated too often.

We will keep track of these flows so that we will hopefully be able to predict possible impacts as each new library comes online.

From this little amount of information we can predict that it is likely that Salisbury will send out their 1,300 items over the next few days, and expect to see a major returning influx in about 5 weeks (allowing for shipping time and 4 week loan periods).

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