Friday, 15 June 2012

A few bumps along the way

Well we keep learning as we progress!  Salisbury's go live wasn't quite as smooth as we'd anticipated, which led to them going back into "offline" mode for some of yesterday until we could undertake some fixes to their data and set up.  For the set up changes to take effect we needed to perform a "halt & run" - i.e. stop the system, apply the changes and then re-commence operations.  Given that we had 4 other libraries "live" on the system this could only be performed overnight. 

Also there were some data issues that needed fixing.  This took a SirsiDynix staff member until 4am our time to resolve.  So Salisbury is back online, but with still a handful of minor data issues that they are working to fix manually. 

Interestingly we have discovered that while we have been issuing barcodes centrally from PLS, and tracking numbers with the intent that there will be no duplicates this appears not to be 100% foolproof.  While there were no duplicates found in the 1st 4 libraries we are finding handfuls in each of the next few libraries.  We're not sure how this has happened, but now that we're aware of it we will build a task into the project plan to actively test for this and correct it before go live.

I'd like to acknowledge the calm unflappable Salisbury project team & staff while we went through an interesting day yesterday & also the hard working and very clever PLS staff who worked very late yesterday & overnight & were back on deck early this morning to get things happening.  I would also say that the tech support we've had from SirsiDynix has also been exceptional.  With all 3 organisations taking a "whatever it takes" approach Salisbury is back online & functioning well.

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