Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tea Tree Gully Enterprise

It is planned that Tea Tree Gully will go live tomorrow.  In preparation for that, their Enterprise site is already up and running.  You can find it here.

A couple of points about how they have arranged things:
  1. You'll note that they have used the red from the Council logo as the background colour.  I think this tie in works well.
  2. On the top left hand side they have done what some others have & that is include some buttons that link back into some existing functionality on their existing website.
  3. Being a single branch library service they have been able to put their opening hours on this front page - which I think makes sense.  Some of our other single branch libraries may choose to do this too.
  4. They have loaded almost 1,500 local history photos into the catalogue.  I found these by searching by "Tea Tree Gully" and using the faceted searching to select "other".  I note that they all have an address as being on an Horizon Webpac.  I haven't had time to talk to the TTG staff, but I would expect that over time they will find a way of migrating these into the "Portfolio" digital asset management system that all libraries will have access to.
Of course we're hopeful for a smooth start up for TTG tomorrow, and of course we'll have staff on standby to support them on this part of their transition. We'll also be very interested in the number of items in their "pull list" that they will need to send to other libraries, and the number of TTG reservations that will be automatically places across the growing consortium.

The staff have created some great props for their go-live that they have released on a network email.  I'll ask them if I can reproduce them here, as I think that they're a positive way to get the message out there, while also gently letting customers know that they'll be on their "L" plates with the new system.

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