Friday, 9 September 2011

Book Launch - Prohibited Zone

I went to the book launch of Alastair Sarre's 1st novel Prohibited Zone last night.  It was held at the Blackwood Library & local resident (& Greens Senator) Penny Wright did the launch.

And as is typical at a Wakefield Press launch I bumped into a few old colleagues and friends, the wine from Fox Creek was great and the speeches were entertaining.  After all I heard about the book I've decided that I need to read it.  It is one of the books under consideration for the National Year of Reading's One Country Reads program.

Congratulations to the Mitcham Library Service team for their coordination of a really positive event.  Having over 100 happy and entertained people in the Blackwood Library on a cold midweek evening was an achievement.  And given how cramped Blackwood is and how much furniture you had to move to create some space I know that you will be spending this morning is a serious rearrangement of furniture & shelves to get ready for your 10am opening.

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