Friday, 9 September 2011

Great Conference eh?!

I just wanted to say thanks to all who were involved in the PLSA conference that many of us attended on Monday and Tuesday.  It is another example of PLS and key library staff working together for a great outcome for all network members. 

If you didn’t make it go look at the program here & sadly see what you missed.  While I could not get to all of the sessions what I sat in on was inspirational and others told me what I missed was also excellent. 

PLS has copies of both the audio and the powerpoints.  These will be loaded to the website shortly and an email will do the rounds to let you know where to find them.

As PLS had sponsored Seb Chan we took the opportunity to get him to repeat his session up at the State Library.  We invited people across the cultural sector (Museum, Art Gallery Botanic Gardens Arts SA) as well as people such as the Lord Mayor.  It was pleasing to be able to say to them that Seb had just delivered his presentation to the public libraries conference as the sorts of things he was talking about are important issues that public libraries are vitally interested in.  (Another way to spruik the value of our public libraries.)

The other things I always love at conferences is the professional engagement with people from across the network and elsewhere, and also being able to talk to the industry representatives who come to show their products and services.  It was great to catch up with so many in an atmosphere where our brains were being overloaded with new or interesting ideas to take back to work. 

A couple of people said to me “We should do this every year.”  But if you knew the hard work that goes into organising such events I am sure that you would not wish this on the organising committee!  Also most other State Associations as well as ALIA also run excellent conferences, so if people are looking for an annual “fix” I can recommend checking out other options interstate.

Thanks again to the conference organising team & here’s to a wonderful 2013 conference.

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