Friday, 16 September 2011

Great new library opens at Strathalbyn

I was delighted to attend the opening of the new / relocated Strathalbyn public library last night.  It is another very positive addition to the list of excellent new libraries springing up across the State.  

The library is a combined council customer service centre, community centre and public library.  It uses the beautiful old bluestone school house by the lake as part of the the centre, with a spectacular new addition across the back of the building.  This has been another triumph for Brown Falconer - the architects of the Mt Gambier Library.  I really love the juxtaposition and blending of the old & the new.

The Alexandrina Council website has some photos of the progress of the build, however they stop in July & don't quite do justice to the finished product.  Jill Patmore - can you post some new photos up there of last night's opening?  That would be great.

Strathalbyn has had a public library since 1985.  It was a School Community Library at the local high school on the edge of town.  The library served the community well for many years, however the population of the town and district has continued to grow from the village it once was to a bit of a boom town.  While the old library has undergone renovations and extensions over the years the time came for the move into the centre of town as a stand alone library - as a branch supported by the Goolwa library. 

I am sure that this new library will be a real hit for the local community.  And I would really recommend that all from the library community take a drive to the beautiful town of Strathalbyn and visit our newest public library.

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