Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Interesting reading

I often come across really interesting articles - often referred to me from colleagues.  Sue Sutherland, one of our consultants on the "Vision for the future of the public library network" project has just sent through a link to this article.  The article is called Last man standing: how to kill public libraries.  The author, Professor R. David Lankes  has some interesting titles of other posts such as Burn the libraries and free the librarians.

The "last man standing" article is really interesting and thought provoking.  It  covers some of the issues that were raised in the "library scenarios" that were part of the workshops that the consultants have run for us. 

Lankes has also published an Atlas of New Librarianship which also has a companion website

I'm aware that Professor Lankes will be in Australia next year, so will see whether we can get him to visit Adelaide while here. 


  1. I would really like to hear David Lankes - so if you are successful in getting him to Adelaide I just might pay you a return visit! Sue

  2. Hi Sue, You're already in luck as I read on his blog that David is coming to New Zealand next year to attend the LIANZA Conference in Wellington.

  3. I think many librarians and library staff would read this and think hey, yeah, that's happening in my library! We are being asked to know and do so much more and we need to keep on top of it so we don't drown!