Wednesday, 19 November 2014

ALIA recognition event

ALIA has decided to recognise members who have been members for 25 plus years.  Last night ALIA President Damien Lodge attended an event at the State Library to hand out ALIA Stars to all who attended.

There are 69 library staff in the State who have 25 or more years of ALIA membership, with the longest serving person having been a member for 64 years.  And the total years of membership between all 69 people is 2,493.  30 of the 69 members, many accompanied by partners were able to attend the event.

I was delighted to be part of the event to welcome everyone to the Circulating Library in the State Library's Institute Room.  This building was the State's 1st building built to house the cultural societies and services of the State - including the first circulating library and separate reading room.  It has quite an interesting history which you can read about here.

Amongst the 69 librarians who where honoured last year there are eleven who are current or former public library staff & one who works closely with us for one of our key suppliers.

The current or former public library staff that I could identify in the group are: Ann Short, Cynthia Collins, Philippa Middleton, Janice Nitschke, Fran Oswald, Renya Spratt, Lynn Spurling, Heather Lymburn, Angela Jones, Claire White and Albert Bergoc.  And the ALS staff member is Chris Swadling.

A few photos from the night have been posted here.  I am sure more will become available over time.

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