Friday, 11 October 2013

Great YouTube videos about 2 of our local libraries

The Local Government Association (SA) has been making a series of really interesting short videos about a range of aspects of the work of councils.  These videos are up on You Tube & also available for councils to embed into their own websites etc.

Amongst the 40 videos made to date there are two which do a great job of showcasing libraries.  One video, just released on 3 October shows the work of the Northern Areas council mobile library – which also visits communities outside their council boundaries.  This video also makes a passing reference to “getting books in from anywhere across the state” by one customer.

The other video released in June showcases Unley’s Active Aging program, with a particular focus on the library’s role in providing tutoring for seniors in how to use computers and iPads.  There is also a great statement about how important libraries are in the community.

Libraries may want to think of other interesting aspects of their services & perhaps suggest to the LGA that you have a possible storyline for another video.

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