Monday, 14 October 2013

Campbelltown Library is a Winner!!

Congratulations to Campbelltown Library for being awarded first prize in the National Geographic display competition.  Thanks to the work of Helen Greer, a very clever staff member, Campbelltown has won an annual subscription for the National Geographic Virtual Library.
The competition was held in celebration of National Geographic's 125th anniversary and invited entrants to create a display using a variety of materials including old copies of National Geographic magazines.  The Campbelltown entry (below on the left) is a collage of the first edition of the magazine and is quite remarkable.

The photo below shows the incredible amount of detail in Helen's work.

The competition was open to libraries across Australia and New Zealand so achieving first prize is an incredible result.

Congratulations to Campbelltown and the extremely talented Helen Greer.


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