Wednesday, 21 August 2013

From TUG to.....UG??

The LMS Transitional User Group (or TUG as it is affectionately known) met for the last time on Tuesday after working for the past two years to develop and support the fledgling LMS consortium.  This group of visionary and dedicated people have worked enthusiastically and diligently on behalf of the public library network to imagine the possible workings of a state-wide consortium and then turn these ideas into a reality.

It’s not an easy task to identify and negotiate a set of rules that can be consistently applied by more than 140 libraries, all with differing needs and expectations.  TUG has achieved this with a sense of purpose and a willingness to put aside individual needs to think like a consortium.  A shared sense of humour has helped at times too.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the councils, managers, and staff of the following libraries for their willingness to step up and lead the consortium on behalf of the network.  Some have been involved since the beginning, while others joined us for guest appearances, but the contribution made by all has been very much appreciated.
  • Adelaide
  • Alexandrina
  • Campbelltown
  • Charles Sturt
  • Holdfast Bay
  • Marion
  • Mitcham
  • Mt Barker
  • Onkaparinga
  • Playford
  • Port Adelaide Enfield
  • Salisbury
  • Tea Tree Gully
  • Unley
Having built a consortium of 59 library services, providing access to more than 3 million items to 750,000 registered customers, it is now time for TUG to pass the leadership torch to the newly forming LMS User Group.  I’m sure this group will come up with a suitable acronym – hopefully not UG!  Expressions of Interest to nominate for this group close on Monday so if you are thinking about getting involved please do so.  It’s an excellent opportunity to support the network and influence the direction of public libraries in SA.

Jo Freeman
A/Associate Director

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  1. Don't you hate it when you put up a list of contributors to thank & miss one contributor out!? We omitted the contribution of Tea Tree Gully to the original list - now fixed. So - a special recognition to TTG & also thanks for the "whisper" from a source.