Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Some LMS stats

Speaking of the TUG - as we were on the earlier post, PLS provided some performance / volume statistics to the Group of Tuesday.  While there is some debate about exactly what we "count" in terms of total items, these numbers give us some understanding of current collection size, borrower numbers and some relevant information about holds.
At some stage in the future we will add some circulation stats and other information, but I figure that even these numbers will be of some interest to some of you.

LMS Performance statistics
19 Aug
Total Holds 
Total items 
Total Customers 
Total titles 
Customers with holds 
Customers with >15 holds 
Customers with 30 holds 
Total holds to customers with >15 holds

Quick analysis of these numbers indicates that at the point at which this "snapshot" was taken approximately 4.3% of customers have "holds".  And of the customers who have holds, approximately 5% have more than 15 holds.  It would appear that less that 0.6% of customers with holds have their full quota of 30 holds.

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