Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cummins School Community Library launches today

Today was the ‘Go Live’ day for the Cummins School Community Library as it joins the ‘One Card’ network and a very special day for the local school and the local community.

You can see the brand new Cummins Enterprise page here.

Library Manager Helen Loller, Barb Fuller (Community Library Assistant) and other Cummins staff have worked hard to make the transition as smooth as possible – we know this is no mean feat for smaller libraries with few staff numbers.

One key challenge was setting up internet connection for the Coffin Bay branch – we hear “it came down to the wire”…no, not the actual wire… but the branch had been waiting for a special dongle to make the connection possible!

The library has also been promoting their upcoming launch heavily on their Facebook page using some great 'countdown' graphics - see their latest graphic below.

The launch was held with a morning tea – see some great photos below!

An example of the 'countdown' graphics from Cummins' Facebook page

Cummins staff: Alice Slater, Robyn Mattsson, Barb Fuller, Helen Loller, Barb Diment, Judy Hall & Susan Modra

Cummins staff again...this time in fun mode (well deserved after all their hard work!)

Barb Fuller, Helen  Loller, Julie Low & Greg Hurrell

A very well decorated library ready for launch

Morning tea - a lovely spread...and check out that great banner!

A lovely looking 'One Card' cake for launch attendees

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  1. It was a great launch of community library and definitely it's a good approach to provide such facility to the school childrens.