Friday, 23 August 2013

Launch of Dads Read

Following on the success of National Year of Reading in 2012, Dads Read is an early childhood literacy initiative, developed by State Library of Queensland to promote family literacy.

Dads Read recognises that fathers reading to their children strengthens literacy, models positive reading behaviour and builds children’s self-esteem around reading (especially for boys).

The program continues to expand and Public Library Services has partnered with State Library of Queensland. Plans are underway for Tasmania to also participate in the program.
The Dads Read message is based on the simple but true premise that reading 10 minutes a day to your children is not only a very small time commitment but also is also vital in contributing to literacy success for children.

Dads Read aims to:
  • raise awareness of the important role fathers play in their children’s development
  • inform fathers of the importance and benefits of reading to children from their early years, even before they start school
  • promote reading as a family
  • encourage fathers to read to their children and promote the value of reading
  • provide fathers with the tools to give them the confidence to read with their children
The development of the Dads Read program follows recent research that highlights the importance of dads reading to their children during their early developmental years. As little as 10 minutes a day improves children’s literacy levels, stimulates creativity and critical thinking.

Public Library Services is pleased to announce that the Dads Read program has now been  launched and the website ( ) is now live.

This week we were very happy to welcome our newest Dads Read Ambassador - the Hon. Jay Weatherill, Premier of SA.  He joins Mark Soderstrom (Channel 7 Sports Presenter) and Phil Cummings (Author) as our very own reading legends!

Jo Freeman
A/Associate Director
Public Library Services

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