Friday, 3 May 2013

How time flies

Believe it or not, it is one year today since the One Card consortium was born!  On 3 May 2012 the Mitcham Library Service switched over to Symphony and started the consortium ball rolling.  For a whole week they didn’t have to worry about sharing resources or items in transit so could concentrate wholly and solely on celebrating with their customers.  They looked pretty happy didn’t they?
 A week later they had a friend and partner in Onkaparinga and were thrown into the crazy world of transit slips and pallets of black boxes.
Twelve months on the consortium includes more than 40 library services and continues to grow.  As at the end of April there are more than 670,000 registered borrowers on the LMS, with over 2.4 million items available.  This is a huge achievement in only one year and should be celebrated by all libraries, regardless of where you are on the implementation roller coaster.

I asked Mitcham for a photo of their staff celebrating their first anniversary and this is what I got from the one and only Dave Slater.  I’m very glad to see that the sense of humour at Mitcham is still strong, even if they look like they’ve aged a little.

I’m sure each of the consortium libraries will celebrate in style as the one year anniversaries continue to roll around.
Jo Freeman A/Associate Director
Public Library Services

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