Monday, 29 April 2013

Far North Group Goes Live

As Geoff mentioned in a post last week, he is off doing some work for the State Library for the next few months so I have stepped up to fill the Associate Director role during his absence.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep our many projects and activities moving forward, with lots of help from the PLS team.

I’m delighted that my first blog post is to welcome the following group of libraries to the LMS consortium.  Having worked with these libraries in the early project days on their change plans including very important things like item barcodes and new library cards I know how long they have been waiting for this day to come and how much effort they have put into their preparations.  It is great to finally have you on board.

  • Pt Broughton
  • Andamooka
  • Leigh Creek
  • Hawker
  • Quorn
  • Coober Pedy
  • Woomera
I’m sure celebrations are well underway and I will happily share photos when they become available.  A special mention to our colleagues at the Quorn School Community Library who not only join the LMS consortium today but also celebrate their 30th anniversary in the public library network.  What a great way to recognise this special milestone with a new library system (and cake of course)!
Port Broughton's launch

The crowd gathers for Leigh Creek's launch 

Leigh Creek's spread for the launch

One Card fans at Leigh Creek

The Enterprise pages for these libraries reflect the diversity of the group and can be seen hereJust select the library you want to see from the list on the right.

The LMS Project Team now focus their efforts on the next libraries to go live which will be the Copper Coast libraries in the coming weeks followed by the LINK libraries in June.

Jo Freeman
Acting Associate Director, PLS


  1. A quality 1st post!

  2. Agreed - I'm delighted that a range of PLS staff will now post on various issues. And Jo's 1st post is great & provides news of libraries that cover a huge geographic area of the State.

    Welcome on board to all in the Far North as well as Pt Broughton - who has been part of the group, but not related through a geographic connection.