Friday, 15 March 2013

Holdfast Bay joins joins the consortium, and other news

We continue to roll out the One Card network, with the Glenelg and Brighton branch libraries in the City of Holdfast Bay joining the consortium yesterday.  This adds a further 39,000 people covered by the network.

The staff at Holdfast Bay had a busy day adjusting to the new processes etc.  They've decided to have their community launch next week, once they're comfortable with how everything works.  I will post a few photos of the event at the end of this post once the event has occurred.

The new, very clean looking Holdfast Bay Enterprise site (library catalogue) can be found here.

This brings the number of libraries on the system to 59, which means that in terms of library branches we're almost half way through the program.  From a "population covered" perspective we're at about 60% of the State's population. However from a "geography covered" perspective we're well below 50%.

The "geography covered" criterion will be addressed significantly in coming months as Port Augusta goes live next week and then we cover off libraries in the far north and upper Yorke Peninsula in April & May, the lower north in June and much of the Eyre Peninsula and the lower Yorke Peninsula in July & August.

And below are a couple of other pieces of news.


While it seems such a long way off, we're also just beginning to look at our 2014 rollout.  So it was great to hear that on Tuesday night the Burnside council voted unanimously to join the One Card network.  This means that while Burnside will not be able to join until early 2014, we now have definite commitments and approximate go live dates for all of metro Adelaide.  And we continue to consider our rollout approach for others in 2014.


I'm not sure that I have mentioned that Kathy Haese* is currently in Salt Lake City (Utah) for the Customers of SirsiDynix User Group International (COSUGI) annual conference.  Every year the Customers of SirsiDynix Australasia (COSA) offer sponsorship for someone to attend the international user group conference.  Kathy applied for the sponsorship on the basis that she would present a paper about the SA Consortium experience as well as bring home information to share with COSA members.  The sponsorship doesn't cover the full cost of the trip so Kathy's two employers have provided the additional funds.

The COSUGI program can be found here.

*I mentioned Kathy's involvement with the LMS in my 6 March posting about reports.


Below are a few photos of the Holdfast Bay staff enjoying their 1st day as consortium members:

Tracy and Library Manager David

Library staff with publicity material

Balloons, badges & posters to inform the customers

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