Thursday, 14 February 2013

The 2013 rollout commences

Well it's Valentine's Day, Library Lovers' Day AND Unley go live today!

Given the work that Unley has put into their planning and preparation it should be no surprise that they've transitioned smoothly.  If you're interested in looking at their journey their Blog called Uni.verse here is worth a read.

I would love to have been at the launch this morning but I'm at the ALIA Online conference in Brisbane at present.  I will post about the conference a bit later.

I will add some photos from Unley when I get them.

I think I've mentioned earlier that I walk around with a map in my head of the LMS project roll out.  And Unley joining certainly fills an interesting hole in our map.  With Unley live we have councils joined up in a line from Playford down to Goolwa. It will be great to see the map filled in as the year progresses.  In fact I will post the maps we have in the next week or so.

Unley going live is the start of the 2013 rollout, the timetable for which I posted here last year. The schedule is pretty much still accurate, however West Torrens has been added to the schedule for later this year.  Given that Charles Sturt is going live in September there are real synergies by training & bringing these two libraries on at pretty much the same time.  

The implementation team has already been very busy ramping up for the year & we're all looking forward to the next 38 roll outs for the year.  And while the implementation team will be busy PLS is also very conscious that we need to be providing high quality responsive post implementation support.  This will be the focus of more conversations with libraries in coming weeks & work internally to get the systems & processes right.

I should also note that following a few emailed questions about the post from last week on the Toll courier stats I have updated the post. You can see the additional information 

Update: Below are some photos from Unley's launch - with people in storybook costume, musicians, a cake & a crowd - looks like fun.

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