Friday, 15 February 2013

E-books - available Statewide

Along with the Unley LMS "go live," yesterday was also the "soft launch" of our State-wide e-book access service.

This is in soft launch phase to allow libraries to learn about how the service works, do some internal training and testing and generally get ready for customers who will begin to come to use the services in the near future.  

We've created a page here which provides information for the public (& libraries) about how the system works. For answers to which readers work, how to register and download etc this page is the place to start.

If you're already an e-book user or just want to jump in and start playing you can do it on the site where the e-books are - here.  

While we've launched this site with items for download, it is not complete as we will be continuously adding more titles to the catalogue.

We are also in the process of looking at the integration of these e-books into the One Card LMS catalogue, so that they will be seamlessly available and searchable in everyone's catalogues.  I will post more about this as we work through the process.

And another update:  If you go back to the "Unley goes live" post here, you will see a number of photos I have posted from the event.  Seeing the photos really makes me disappointed that I had to miss the event!  Well done to Hanlie & the Unley staff for the lively launch. And of course there are more photos and details on the Unley Library blog site.

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