Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Salt Lake City Library

I am still processing the information from our trip to the US & will post about it soon.  In the meantime I thought I would share a few photos of an iconic library in Salt Lake City.  We had just a couple of spare hours at the end of our trip, so what do you do but visit a library?

Some of you may have seen pictures of this library before - as it is quite famous.  It was opened in 2003 & was one of the 1st to have an "indoor street" with sympathetic retail spaces inside the library - coffee shop, gallery, Friends' shop etc. It has 6 floors of library space which cover 22,000 sq M.It has an amazing childrens' library on the lower ground floor with purpose built cubby, craft room and activities room.  There is also a wonderful publicly accessible roof garden, great quiet study areas and other features of interest.  

We were in the library on Thursday morning & it was full of people, with several classes arriving by school bus while we were there.

Anyway here are a few pictures. which may be of interest.

This is the "indoor street" with the shops to the lower left with quiet study spaces above the shops (linked by the bridges you can see towards the end of the photo. The stuff in the foreground is a very large mobile.  (picture from Wikipedia)

These other pictures were snapped on my phone - so the quality is not that great, but they do provide some further sense of this library.

This photo gives you a sense of the quiet study areas on the left hand side of the street, that occupy a beautiful space of natural light & a sense of openness.

This is looking along the row of shops 

This one is quite dark as the camera tried to compensate for the light, but it shows the glass roof over the street.

Part of the roof garden - you can see that it was a really smoggy day.  Further up the garden there are seats.  In summer -  with the trees in leaf & the temperature being higher than the 5 degrees while we were there the garden would be wonderful

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