Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Roxby Downs goes live today

I mentioned last week that Roxby Downs would go live some time this month, not knowing that in fact it would be today.

Roxby Downs has taken a different path to go live as they have combined this project with the separation of the joint use library in the town, and the creation of a new stand alone public library.  

Rather than going through a data conversion process Kimberley and her team have been re-creating records for all of the public library items and re-registering all of their public customers. They have done this because there had been significant issues with the LMS server in the past and they were concerned about the completeness and accuracy of the data. This has meant that rather than there being a data conversion process and a "big bang" go live, they are having a soft launch today - as they turn on the Symphony circulation system and also launch their iteration of  Enterprise.

The Roxby Downs Enterprise site can be seen here.

While the library will start with a soft launch today, they will continue to add data over the next few months as they prepare to also move into their new building in 2013.

With this launch PLS has finished the  "go live" sites for 2012.  We have connected 39 library branches representing over 565,000 customers and have over 1.9M items in the system etc.

I have mentioned earlier that while there will be no more "go live" libraries until early next year, but there are lots of libraries working on getting ready for their go-live in early 2013 & PLS staff continue to work with them.

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