Thursday, 8 November 2012

Kingston Go Live

After 12 months planning and hard work Kingston School Community Library went live this morning. And they're delighted to share some photos of their celebratory morning.

As you will see below, community members, councillors and council staff along with school staff & students were on hand to enjoy the festivities.  And library staff got dressed up for the occasion.  It is great to see that the changes that the One Card system will bring to all communities in the State are being celebrated so positively.

The chair of the local library committee and local councillor Darryl Morley said at the launch  "On behalf of the Library board I congratulate the staff on their monumental efforts to get to today. They have put our school in line with the rest of the state. The facilities provide world shattering access to millions of items for students and community members. Once again SA is leading library technology. It shows wonderful cooperation between the Libraries Board of SA, the Local Govermnment Association and DECD. Congratulations." 

Senior Mathematics coordinator Barry Medwell said ,  "How fantastic to have all of the resources from across the state available at our finger tips."  And one of the workers on the project - ICT manager / technician Thomas Barich said "Thank goodness it is over. The cake is awesome".

The library has used this changeover of LMSs as an opportunity to also undertake other changes in their library.  They have created a new very attractive, informative and easy to use website - seen here. And they have followed the colours and theme of this website into their Enterprise look & feel that can be found here.  They have also had new library cards designed which mirror this theme.

To be able to participate in the One Card Network Kingston has had to replace all of the barcodes on their items - a task that has been a significant one over the last 12 months.  While this has been a mammoth task, it has been an opportunity to actively engage with the collection & make decisions about what to keep & what to discard.

Below are some photos from today's launch

Some of the staff and community who attended the launch

The Library staff in their new t-shirts 

Students and public members with the celebration cake
A customer borrowing using the new system.

Students sitting in front of the "One card" posters that they produced in preparation for the launch

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