Thursday, 8 November 2012

ForwardIT public launch

I have blogged about ForwardIT before - here, so I wont say too much more about the program / website other than to say a) while it was great then, it has moved on considerably with more content than when I wrote about it before, and b) check it out here.

I'm writing about ForwardIT again because I went to their launch yesterday afternoon at the State Library & it was great to see the DFEEST Minister Tom Kenyon doing the launch & also seeing staff from the City of Onkaparinga libraries presenting on how they have embedded ForwardIT into their community computer training sessions.  And the screen behind the presenters recognised a whole range of partners that they have worked with.  While I couldn't see all of the names & logos I did note Playford, Berri Barmera, Marion, Tea Tree Gully and Onkaparinga.

I know that ForwardIT is keen to expand its reach and share its programs and support with libraries.  So if you're looking for the ideal source to support your technology training I would really encourage you to get on board.

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