Thursday, 22 November 2012

Adelaide City goes live

The City of Adelaide libraries went live on the One Card network this morning.  Their addition means that the shared One Card database now contains over 2M items and over 550,000 customers (though we know that there are duplicate customers in this number.)

The Adelaide version of Enterprise can be found here.  Because Adelaide has been running a range of online communications channels these have been activated on their 1st screen.  These links include their Facebook page, their Twitter feed and their online magazine called "the shoosh".  They're also promoting the BookMyne 3.0 App with links to how to download it.

Adelaide is an RFID library - our 3rd on the network. Adding RFID libraries means a little more complexity as there are additional devices that connect to the LMS through a SIP2 protocol. RIFD libraries need to have a chip (or tag) placed in each item that circulates. It also usually means that the library has customer "self check" machines.  Belonging to a consortium where the majority of items do not have such a tag in them has challenges for RFID libraries.  I will have more to say about this in another post.

Like Marion and a few others they have also placed links on this screen that connect into existing content on the Council's website.  And this also provides the key to the colour scheme that they're using - it matches the council site.

Adelaide has provided some unique challenges for us from a delivery perspective.  This is because their main office is not in a library, but on the 3rd floor of their Pirie St council office tower.  Delivering pallets is not an option!  However we have agreed to an arrangement to deliver to a few sites, which we believe should meet the needs of the libraries.  We will monitor how this works over coming weeks.

One of Adelaide's concerns is that they may be swamped by commuters dropping off their items at Adelaide libraries, which must then be shipped to other libraries that own the items.  Given the number of commuters who come into Adelaide this is a risk, and one that we will be monitoring and dealing with should it become too great a burden.

I popped into the Library's North Tce branch (which is within the State Library) at 10 o'clock as they opened.  They have had some of the pull up banners as well as some "One Card is coming" publicity up for a while & now it says  "It's here".  See below - snapped inexpertly on my phone. I really like the use of the bookmarks as a 3 sided self supporting mini display. 

The team is busy putting up balloons and other material while also needing to address a "pull list" of about 2,000 items!!  I will take a few more pics as the day goes on and load them up here too.

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