Friday, 16 November 2012

2013 LMS draft roll-out schedule

The PLS project team has been working with SirsiDynix to plan for our 2013 roll out.  Our challenges are the capacity of the system to add new libraries to a live operating system without causing disruptions to other users, as well as the time it takes to do date conversion.

Having said this - adding 38 databases in a 9 month period, while taking into account school holiday requirements for some libraries, public holidays, the usual need for staff to take leave etc is still a major undertaking. While we believe that this is achievable, there will be some challenges to maintain this schedule. However it is better to aim realistically high than not to.

The schedule below is locked in until the end of June, after which it is more indicative & there is some flexibility to shift things around if necessary. 

You will note several occasions - in April and July where there are a considerable number of libraries grouped together.  We will be using a different methodology for these libraries, which should allow us to speed up the implementation.

The information below should not be a surprise to the libraries on it, however I am aware that there are some libraries that are keen to move to the consortium soon whose names do not appear in this list.  As I said to someone the other day, while I would like to wave a wand and make it all happen over night, there is only so much that we and the vendor can achieve each month.  If you have any concerns with what is here please give me a call or email to discuss things.  

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