Wednesday, 3 October 2012

SWAP library network members go live

SWAP library network members joined the ‘one card’ network last Thursday.

This is a great achievement – the consortium has increased by 4 councils (6 library sites) in one hit.

Obviously this was only possible thanks to the hard work of staff behind the scenes at Campbelltown, Norwood, Payneham & St Peters, Prospect and Walkerville. And of course the work that PLS support staff have been providing.

Congratulations to all involved and welcome aboard!

Below are some launch snaps that were taken at these libraries.

Here you can see how these libraries (as others have in the past) are making good use of the ‘one card’ theme/promo materials to spread the word to their customers…from balloons to banners to cupcakes.

The one card “Learner" apron/sign is something that’s proving popular – an idea originally developed by the team at Tea Tree Gully Library and a great way to let customers know that the new system is being bedded down in the library.

The photos also show Norwood, Payneham & St Peters’ new library card which looks fantastic. You can see how they’ve incorporated the visual style of this great design on their Enterprise page here.

Jon Bentick
Public Library Services





  1. how can i go back on to the search and reserve page like i did before it turned to the "one card" network from the " swap lib" network

  2. The software that the "SWAP libraries" are now using functions differently than their previous "Horizon" software, however all of the same features are there for you to use. I am not sure which library you usually use, but this link will take you to the Prospect library catalogue. (You can replace the word prospect in this URL with the name of your council to find their catalogue if you want a different one.)

    Whichever catalogue you choose, you can search items from either the local library or all libraries on the system by using the drop down list in the green bar (in the Prospect site it is green). From there you can choose "everything" for all libraries, or choose a specific library.

    Still within the green bar type your search into the long white box and then press "Search" at the right hand end of the box. Once you have found the time you are looking for you can then place a hold (or reserve) an item.

    I would like to provide more instructions with screen shots, but this blog reply function does not allow me to do this. If you are unable to find exactly how to do this please call into your local library & they will show you how. The software is easy to use, so one quick demonstration should suffice.

  3. hi, the network is a giant, but one huge disadvantage is the speed and bandwidth of the internet is so poor, it is as if we are using a dial up connection, it takes so long to open even a very simple none graphic page. plz someone do something

    1. Thanks for your feedback Mokhtar. I'm glad you like the way that the network is growing and providing you will access to so many more items.

      Regarding your feedback on bandwidth, we're attempting to provide reasonable bandwidth to over 130 sites across the State. Sometimes demand on the network does slow it to unacceptable levels. As we progress our "One Card" network we are also looking at how we can increase bandwidth too. I am hopeful that we will see some improvements, but they won't happen immediately.