Tuesday, 8 May 2012

School Community Libraries - LMS progress

There is a significant number of School Community Libraries (SCLs) which are eager to join the LMS consortium in the near future.  At this stage there are about 20 libraries who have the funds and are ready to join the consortium.  

Following an assessment of ours and SirsiDynix's capacity to add new libraries we will be commencing our SCL pilot with four SCLs.  These libraries will be in Karoonda, East Murray, Lameroo and Pinnaroo.  We plan to add these libraries to the consortium in August.  I want to thank Bob Muster of Lameroo for his support of all 4 libraries in their progress towards implementation.

These SCLs will be coming off Bookmark and Amlib LMSs and have a number of representative features such as a an active local depot at Geranium.  The learnings that we will take from these SCLs will assist us in working with other SCLs over the next few years.  

We also expect that we will be able to add several additional SCLs to the consortium before the end of the year, along with other libraries such as SWAP and City of Adelaide this year.  We will have a backlog of libraries that we will add to the consortium in early 2013. We will ensure that the SCLs and others who have indicated that they are ready to move will continue to be at the front of the queue as we plan for the remainder of 2012 and into early 2013.

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