Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mitcham's launch

So - they've done it.  Mitcham is "live" on Symphony - which is great.  But as I've said before - its a bit (but not quite) like having the 1st telephone.  The "consortium" only starts when you've got someone to talk to and share with.  
However for Mitcham while there is no-one else to share with yet, there is the excitement of a new system and a few other firsts.  If you've seen their new Enterprise site you will notice a new logo.   This had not just been prepared for Enterprise, but has also become the front side of their new library card...
and the cake that was prepared for the launch...  

By the time I visited this afternoon some of the side bits had been eaten, but they took the photo above before it got carved up.  This cake was one of 2 that was out in the library.  Staff offered cake & coffee to all customers as they came through the library as a way of celebrating and announcing the start of their new system.
Of course there were a few minor glitches - setting up the receipt printers, ensuring that the old web address for the Mitcham catalogue was now re-routing to Enterprise and ensuring that notices were properly configured so that they could print were the key ones.  But these were relatively minor issues.
A couple of Onkaparinga staff turned up - partly to lend a hand, but also to see how things went, as they will be going live next Thursday!  Then there really will be 2 parties in the consortium who can share their resources!
In a project like this there is a real tendency to rush on to the next stage, without stopping to celebrate and recognise the achievements of each step.  So I'd like to stop and just say a few "thank yous".  There will be other such opportunities along the way - but today I'd like to publicly acknowledge the staff of the 1st four libraries (Mitcham, Onkaparinga, Alexandrina and Marion) who have been / are the guinea pigs as we're rolling out the system.  It takes a special sort of nerve to go 1st & allow us all to learn from your experience.  And especially Mitcham, who have been the ones to go 1st.  With the privilege comes extra work and a capacity to go with the flow as we've been learning together.  

And likewise - I'd acknowledge the project management team from KDN - Dominic Novia who has shepherded Mitcham through to today, Frank Morello who is working with Onkaparinga ready for next week, and John Dunnery the program manager.

And of course there has been the incredible dedication and long hours put in by the PLS team who have gone above & beyond to get us to this point today.  To Lyal Mutton Jo Freeman, Jo Rivers and James Kemperman ad the principal PLS staff involved - thanks!! And along with these staff are Tricia Knightly who is working on lots of the P2 to Symphony issues and Diana Zaganjori who is doing lots of network upgrades to ensure that the system will run smoothly - great less obvious but vital work that needs doing -thanks.  Also to the rest of the PLS team who have contributed in various ways - again - thanks.
And so - its onwards to Onkaparinga and beyond...

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