Friday, 20 April 2012

SWAP library consortium joins the LMS network

The SWAP library network was the first formal multi-council shared library system in South Australia, having cooperatively purchased their 1st LMS over 20 years ago.  The original SWAP members were the councils of St Peters, Walkerville and Prospect (hence the acronym - which also speaks of sharing resources).  Council amalgamations in the late 90's added the former councils of Payneham and Norwood, and more recently Campbelltown joined the network.  The total SWAP network provides a shared library service for a combined population of approximately 115,000.

While exploring the possibility of a Statewide network we met with and learned from the SWAP pioneers & I would like to pay tribute to both the founders of SWAP for showing us what was possible & to the current managers for their forward thinking - wanting what is best for their customers.

As pioneers of sharing the SWAP network has now decided to join the Statewide consortium.  All four councils will transition as a single entity in September.  They will bring to 14 the number of councils in the consortium, which will be serving a combined population of over 765,000.

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