Monday, 30 April 2012

Mitcham "go live" has commenced

The reality that we've been working towards is finally here. As you can imagine we're all both exited and a little apprehensive. 

Mitcham libraries have stopped using their Horizon LMS, and started using the Symphony "off-line" system this morning.  This allows the library to circulate items to customers and record these details.

While this is happening the Mitcham data up until yesterday is being loaded onto the server and it is being checked etc.  This process will be completed by Wednesday night, and then all of the circulation data from Monday - Wednesday will be loaded - to make sure that the circulation transactions are all in the new system. 

So when the libraries (Mitcham and Blackwood) open on Thursday they will be running "live" in Symphony.

SirsiDynix tell us that they could have allowed Mitcham to keep using Horizon until close of business today, but Mitcham took the decision to start the week using the off-line Symphony system. This suits their local business needs.  The usual pattern that we will follow is that libraries will use the off-line module for 2 days while the cut over between systems takes place.

During this time customers can still use the library's OPAC to view whether the library has items, but they will not be able to place holds and the "status" of items will not be accurate, as items that were on the shelf may have been borrowed.

In the meantime Mitcham staff have configured their Enterprise site. This is their public access "discovery layer".   As with the OPAC, the status of items in Enterprise will be incorrect, and customers will not be able to place holds. 

Mitcham staff tell me that their Enterprise site is still a work in progress & it will developed further over time. However they're happy for people to take a look at it.  It can be found at This URL will change in the future to make finding it easier. 

We'll keep you posted on how things go in coming days & weeks!!

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