Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ratification of User Group policies

The PLS Standing Committee met on Tuesday and ratified the latest decisions of the LMS User Group.  The Committee commented on the thoroughness of both the consideration of the issues as well as the consultation process.  They were very clear that this level of engagement will contribute to the success of the project.

These decisions are now available on the intranet here .  These decisions provide a degree of consistency around a range of library policies.  However it needs to be reinforced that while we are looking to provide some consistency in customer experience there will always be scope for local variations which are required to meet local needs.  This balance of overarching consistency combined with local variations will become more evident as the LMS is deployed.

Some examples of the variations include the need to accommodate the policies of some libraries which have a "fines" regime and those that don't.  And of course, the fines policies of each council is different, so different rules for this need to be accommodated.

A couple of other issues currently occurring within the project include:
  • Training for start up libraries
  • Project Managers to support system roll out
  • Communication with all councils about the roll out.  This will include a service contract, a timetable, a list of the suite of services and products included in the offer, and other relevant information

I will comment on these issues in coming days as we finalise the details of these and other matters.

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