Friday, 3 February 2012

A quick update

PLS continues to push ahead with LMS system configuration etc.  We are using the "rules" and parameters as agreed and lodged here, as well as other work being done by the Transitional User Group.  The most recent work of the User Group will go to the Standing Committee for consideration next Tuesday & it will be posted on the Intranet after that meeting.

We have handed over the configuration of the 1st 4 libraries to SirsiDynix, so that they can begin building the hardware and configuring the software to meet our specifications.  The system will be housed in a data centre Melbourne.  These libraries have been assigned a project manager, and are powering ahead locally, getting ready for implementation.

Training:  PLS will be hosting 10 days of training starting on Monday, with more scheduled in late February, March and May.  This training will ensure that staff will have a good understanding of the system, be able to train others at their libraries and also  be ready to test their data when we go through the data conversion process.

Telecommunications:  One of the necessities for the larger metro libraries is that we provide additional bandwidth to run the LMS rather than have the LMS traffic competing with the existing already choked public traffic line.  PLS has ordered an additional line for each of the metro libraries to ensure that LMS performance will be as required

Publicity & promotion: We continue to develop publicity information which will accompany both the awareness raising and launch of the LMS in libraries.  Some of what has been created can be found here.

Product development: We've also been encouraged to see that SirsiDynix continues to push ahead with its e-Resource Central platform.  The latest information about this product can be found here.  While the network is pushing ahead with the consideration of stand-alone digital content platform, we're keeping an eye on this development, as it is planned to seamlessly integrate both discovery and digital rights management (DRM) for all downloads to diverse devices.

And speaking of new and other software options, the "User Experience Group" is winding up its deliberations of a range of alternative "plug-ins" that may be useful for us.  Their report is due in March.  We will look at their findings and then need to do a cost benefit analysis of the various options and consider how to progress this.

That's about it for now.  I know that there are a few more things in the pipeline, but I can't announce them just yet.  But as soon as I can I will let you know of other progress.

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