Monday, 28 March 2011

Library Management System update 28 March

I gave an update on the status of the LMS project a the PLSA quarterly meeting today. A couple of interesting questions were raised that I will answer in the next few posts.

Essentially our RFP is now "live" in the market (since 22 March), closing on 18 April, with the selection process commencing then. There will be a "vendor briefing" session this Friday (1 April).

We'll be meeting with all Subject Matter Expert group members over the next 10 days to brief them regarding their next role in this process.

The Steering Committee has also activated its Wide Area Network (WAN) group which will be looking at what needs to change across our State-wide WAN to effectively deliver the LMS to libraries.

The governance framework and decision making mechanism are currently well underway, and will be worked through with the Libraries Board and other parties in coming months.

I will provide updates on each of the topics touched on here in coming posts.

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  1. Thankyou for the update Geoff. There has been already been some discussion about how the new LMS will change the way we do ILL's. I was relating this to a colleague who wondered how the LMS might also effect Technical Services/Cataloguing operations down the track ...