Monday, 28 March 2011

Congratulations to Onkaparinga on the re-opening of Woodcroft Library

I hear that after having been closed for a major makeover and redevelopment, one of Onkaparinga's busiest libraries re-opened to the public today.

I look forward to visiting the library in the near future. 

Apparently the Public Libraries SA Quarterly meeting was originally scheduled to be held at the new library today, but the uncertainty around the completion date meant that we moved elsewhere.  I hope that the network get an opportunity to hold a meeting there in the not too distant future.

The library is part of a wider centre which includes a range of community and council services.  It also includes extensive use of green technology to lower the building's impact on the environment.  See
I am sure that there will be some interesting photos taken today & I'll see if we can get a few uploaded here shortly.

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  1. I visited Woodcroft last week and it is sensational. Congrats to Judi and her team on such a fabulous achievement. I'm positive the Onkaparinga community will love it.