Friday, 11 August 2017

The best program I have heard on the value of libraries

Commuting home last night I followed my usual routine of listening to Radio National.  I always start there, but if whatever is on doesn't suit me I move on.  I had missed the 1st 3 minutes, but came in on the program called Money, with a woman talking about libraries.  I was really surprised that libraries were on the Money program & also thought I actually recognized the voice. Turns out I did recognize the voice - it was Sue McKerracher the CEO of ALIA with some great insights.  And there are great quotes from others such as Kate Torney (CEO of the State Library of Victoria).  Hallet Cove library also gets a metion!

This program is a "must listen" for everyone in the library sector.  And it needs to be shared with all of our funders. decision makers, friends and advocates. 

So - if you do nothing else for your professional development please go here to either listen to or download the program.  And please share it with everyone who you believe needs to hear the message.

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