Friday, 21 April 2017

New data source discoverable in Enterprise

We've always known that Enterprise can display content from sources other than the LMS.  This is evident in how Portfolio records are harvested and made available.  When we purchased the SirsiDynix package this was a feature that we hoped to be able to exploit fairly quickly, however it proved more difficult than we first thought.

We got a simple Z39.50 protocol link happening with the State Library of South Australia catalogue.  However the quality of the records was not that good, so we've not actively pursued this angle.  Also, while there is some convenience for library customers to use their local public library catalogue to look at the State Library's records, they look way better on the SLSA website, so its better to go an look on their site. You can see how the tab for SLSA records works in the screenshot below.  

So after this experiment, we've not actively pursued this feature, except for our recent use of Portfolio to push records into Enterprise for our e-magazines and some courses.  

However we have been working with Connecting Up, which is the not for profit enterprise that publishes the "SAcommunity" directory.  This directory lists a whole range of local service providers, support groups and community organisations that may well be of interest to people searching for information in the library catalogueMuch of the data that is in the SACommunity directory has been collected over the years by local libraries in conjunction with Connecting Up.

The SAcommunity directory is a very useful, but perhaps underutilized resource.  So we're hoping that exposing it through the library discovery layer will increase awareness of the directory, increase its use and improve access to local information for all South Australians. 

You can see from the screenshot below where the tab sits on Enterprise.  The customer doesn't have to re-do their search to get the information they're after.  So as you can see from the screenshot below if a customer types in Dementia to see the library materials they will find 411 resources (highlighted).  The other thing that happens is that tab appears (also highlighted) that says SAcommunity Information.    The customer can then just click the SAcommunity information tab & the system will perform the same search within the SAcommunity directory. 

Below is a shot of what the screen changes to, when the SAcommunity Information tab is clicked.  You will note that we have set this profile to look at Adelaide Council resources.  It can be configured to look at different council areas.

I have included a typical record that will be shown in a list of organisations that provide services to people with dementia.

PLS plans to work with libraries to add the SAcommunity Information tab to their Enterprise instances in coming weeks.  The process will be that the tab will become a default setting as a matter of course, however libraries will have the option to choose not to install the tab as part of their Enterprise instance.  If you work in an SA library look out for our communication about this change.

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