Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A number of great posts re libraries

Public Library Services has been doing some work with two SA companies to create a pathway to purchasing libraries materials found on Enterprise.  SirsiDynix has an App called "Buy it Now", but this has only been provided on the basis that it points to Amazon as the seller.  SA Libraries were keen to see if we could keep this feature, but steer sales to Australian companies.  This is mainly to do with speed of delivery & also to match up with Australian ISBNs on books.

The two companies we've been working with are Boomerang Books and Booktopia.  This project is progressing & we'll tell you more when we get to the pilot stage. 

Part of our work with Boomerang Books has included discussions about what public libraries now offer to customers.  The co-owner of Boomerang Books, Clayton Werner has been interested in how libraries are operating in the 21st century & has recently written a really interesting and supportive blog post about libraries entitled "Love your library - rediscover the benefits of your library service."  If you are interested in a plain English summary of what is going on in libraries regarding access to information then you should look here.  

Clayton has followed up this initial post with another article entitled "How libraries in SA can become even more relevant in a digital age."  It is another great "outsiders" take on our profession generally, SA public library network specifically., and our current attempts at doing "digital". I like that someone who is very positive about the idea of what libraries can do is also prepared to cast an informed critical eye over what we're doing and give us some pointers towards where we can improve.  I think the article gives us a really good starting point for improving what we're doing.  I look forward to working with all staff in libraries, Public Libraries SA and the Libraries Board to address the issues that Clayton has raised.

I'd also point you to an interesting article called A library of good ideas that I think is worth reading - here.

And Di Cranwell of PLS also alerted me to this interesting article from the UK entitled "Every child in England to be enrolled in a local library."  This is the aim of the UK Education Secretary as part of a broader literacy strategy. As Di said in her email to me - "Is this the SA public libraries next challenge?"  Perhaps it is!

So - a few interesting articles, some of which contain some challenges for us to act on.  Enjoy,

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  1. Hi Geoff - thanks for sharing the links to my articles. I hope that the articles have provided a little bit of inspiration.

    Clayton Wehner
    Blue Train Enterprises