Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Library Card Designs

As you may know, the rollout of the One Card Network has prompted quite a number of libraries to develop new library cards.

For some smaller libraries, their new 'One Card compatible' library cards are the first plastic cards the libraries have ever issued to their customers.

We have had requests from libraries to see the variety of cards which have been produced over the last few years. So we made a request to CardSprint (the company responsible for many of the new cards) to put together a compilation of their work for libraries across the State. You can see the compilation of cards here.

When you browse the cards, you'll see some really great designs. Many have utilised photos from their local area, some have chosen to have a variety of cards using a range of photos to represent the diversity of their region & some have created a separate children's card, often with a drawing by a child in the area.

On various cards you'll also see how some libraries have adapted the "Libraries of SA" logo as part of their branding. All up I think you'll agree with me that the creation of some new attractive cards is a great side benefit of the One Card project.

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