Thursday, 25 September 2014

Phase one - all done

With the advent of Yankalilla going live this morning we can sign off on the major part of the One Card project - i.e. all libraries now connected together and sharing their customers and collections.  The library's Enterprise site is here.  The site includes some photos showing off the natural beauty of the region - both the coast and the country.

A few of us from the PLS office will be attending the final "go live" celebration in Yankalilla tomorrow.

Just to add a degree of complexity at the end of the project the Yankalilla School Community Library is in the process of changing its operating location and practise.  It will cease to be a School Community Library in mid November, and will open as a council operated public library in late November.  So part of our data conversion process has had to take into account this change.  The school will continue to run their own library and keep their current LMS, with the metadata for community collection being migrated to the One Card network.

PLS is working with the current library staff and council staff to ensure that the transition to the new arrangements is as smooth as possible.

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