Friday, 5 September 2014

Great use of Enterprise to provide access to "other languages" materials

I know that Charles Sturt has let people in our own network know about the work that they have done on customising their Enterprise site to promote access to their extensive community languages collections.  But lots of people who visit this blog are from other places.  And I want to point all visitors to the great work that Charles Sturt has done. 

The Charles Sturt Enterprise site is here.  There is an added link in the left hand column called Other Languages.  I decide to click "French" as I at least read a bit of French (compared to the other languages) and it opened search which displayed all of the NEW French items that the library holds.  The top 9 languages also have predefined searches for books or DVDs.  And there is so much more - go take a look - it is great.

Well done to the Charles Sturt staff for thinking through all that was needed to create this easy to use page & then creating it. This is a great model for libraries to look at & see how they may want to create similar additional pages for specific collections or customer groups.

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