Monday, 28 July 2014

Searching State Library holdings in Enterprise

One of the original claims of the Business Case for our State-wide consortium was that it was highly likely that the system would be able to allow all users to search the holdings of the State Library and other sources.  This was considered important, as the State Library holds extensive records about the history of our State, including specific documents and digital images about local towns etc.

We are able to demonstrate that the first rudimentary step towards this outcome has been achieved here, on the generic Libraries SA Enterprise site.  If you do a search you will see that at the top of the screen a tab will appear - see the screen shot below.  Note that the tab is not always showing, but appears when you do a search. The default search is the SA public libraries' content.  You need to click on the State Library tab to view their holdings.

The search results are still rather rudimentary in that they show the State Library's metadata for items in the library's catalogue.  At this stage it does not show any digitised images which are embedded in the SLSA catalogue.  We need to do some more investigation to see whether we can "pull through" the images in the SLSA catalogue.  This is a work in progress.

We are also investigating whether we can add a tab for the holdings in Trove, and whether we can get the digital images from there displayed.

PLS can add the SLSA searching tab to any library's Enterprise site if you are interested in making this feature available to your customers.  If you are interested in this then please discuss it with James Kemperman at PLS (

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